Our Team

Get to know the team behind Siddhartha Sharma Charitable Trust ®. The trust was started by Dr. Bimal Kumar Sharma, M.D. Medicine in Kapurthala, Punjab. Dr. Sharma, one of the leading Physicians of the city, had a vision that one of the best ways to teach the community about common health problems and uniting them to act together for a better tomorrow was to organize medical awareness camps in and around the district. Not only has the program grown at the community level but it has also flourished at the institutional level and has now become a grass root movement for educating and helping all sections of the society about the basic health problems. Dr. Sharma has put together a team of surgeons, internal medicine doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, physical therapists and paramedical staff along with the help of volunteers to help him carry out the activities of the trust.


The Core Committee


The Members


The Staff

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