Tribology In Orthopaedics Powerpoint Presentation

Tribology is concerned with the science of rubbing surfaces (friction, lubrication, wear) and is thus fundamental to the function of joints. The primary factor affecting the wear of bearings is their lubrication. Most bearings are lubricated by a fluid such as water or oil. Following is a powerpoint presentation of the topic related to orthopaedics.

What Makes Food ‘Organic’ – Know The Basics

Don’t confuse terms such as “free-range,” hormone free” or “natural” with organic. These food labeling terms are not regulated by law. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has created an organic seal. Foods bearing it are required to be grown, harvested, and processed according to national standards that include restrictions on amounts and residues of …

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Bone Cement In Orthopaedics PowerPoint Presentation

Following is a PowerPoint presentation on the role of Bone Cement in Orthopaedics. Bone cement has been in use since 1960’s and is the most common non-metallic implant used in orthopaedics. This presentation outlines the basic principles of bone cement, the curing (polymerization) process and its uses. Please leave a comment below if you want …

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Play Safe This Holi

This Holi, make sure your eyes, skin and other vital organs are protected from the chemical content in the colours used widely during the celebrations. Doctors have advised the public to take preventive measures ahead of the festival to ensure that they are protected from the hazardous effects of colours, synthetic dyes, sprays and glittering …

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Smoking interferes with fracture union

A new study led by an Indian researcher from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania corroborates early evidence showing that cigarette smoking leads to longer healing times and an increased rate of post-operative complication and infection for patients sustaining fractures or traumatic injuries to their …

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