Tribology In Orthopaedics Powerpoint Presentation

Tribology is concerned with the science of rubbing surfaces (friction, lubrication, wear) and is thus fundamental to the function of joints. The primary factor affecting the wear of bearings is their lubrication. Most bearings are lubricated by a fluid such as water or oil. Following is a powerpoint presentation of the topic related to orthopaedics.

Bone Cement In Orthopaedics PowerPoint Presentation

Following is a PowerPoint presentation on the role of Bone Cement in Orthopaedics. Bone cement has been in use since 1960’s and is the most common non-metallic implant used in orthopaedics. This presentation outlines the basic principles of bone cement, the curing (polymerization) process and its uses. Please leave a comment below if you want …

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